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“It is through Art and through Art only that we can realize our perfection; through Art and Art only that we can shield ourselves from the sordid perils of actual existence” (Oscar Wilde)


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R. Castelijnstraat 27 hs
1111 AW Diemen
The Netherlands

Studio visit upon request.

Information about prices and frames

For more information about the prices and frames, please fill out the contact form above. Mentioned prices of original paintings are including the frame, excluding shipment and import taxes for your country.  Most of the frames are handmade by Peter Schuurmans, Den Bosch/The Netherlands. Former frames made by L‘Angolo dell’Arte, Siena/Italy, André Weda, Castricum and Krützmann, Amsterdam, both in The Netherlands.


Photography of the paintings by Hans van den Bogaard, Studio Buitenhof and Re-Art.  Former photos by Gabriele Forti, Paolo Pizzetti and Bernard Chazine in Italy and Hans Sibum, Edo Kuipers and Clemens Boon in The Netherlands.

Yvonne Melchers

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